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What We Are

The North American Old Roman Catholic Church (NAORCC), Utrecht Succession, was originally erected in 1939 and formally incorporated in the State of California by The Most Reverend Edgar Ramon Verostek (RIP) in 1940, shortly after being consecrated Regionary Bishop of California by The Most Reverend Carmel Henry Carfora (RIP), Founder and Supreme Primate of the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession. It served, and in calendar year 2022 continues to actively serve, as one of the original North American Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions authorized by The Most Reverend Carmel Henry Carfora, and is referred to as the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession.

The NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, is a valid Old Roman Catholic Church not currently in full communion with the Holy See. The technical term for this type of Church is "valid, but canonically independent," which means "sacramentally real, but legally not in full communion with Rome." What this amounts to, in practical terms, is that the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, and other Churches like it, offer purely valid Catholic sacraments to individuals who, for a variety of reasons, do not receive them from Roman Catholic Churches.

The NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, is unique in the world of Old Roman Catholicism for being at great pains to identify as much as possible with the Universal Church, though "canonically independent" of it. Another way to view this fact is to consider the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, as "non-Papal," although we feel we are part of the Pope's flock and in spiritual union with Rome through Christ. With this in mind, the Bishops of the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, have actively sought throughout the years to establish and retain mutually satisfying working relationships with the Ordinary and clergy of the local Roman Catholic diocese. The current Synod of Bishops reminds those who come to the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, for various forms of sacramental ministry that if they are Roman Catholics, their membership in the Roman Catholic Church is their first obligation, and that they should only seek out the NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, if their consciences so dictate. 

The NAORCC, Utrecht Succession, has parishes and ministries located throughout the United States, Canada and the Philippines. With valid apostolic succession, it is a Church with its heart and arms open to those who come to it to receive Christ's good news and sacramental grace.

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